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    Top 7 Platforms Used By Fortune 500 Companies To Hire Offshore Developers

    Max Rowse

    July 1, 2024

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    Why Fortune 500 Companies Hire Dedicated Offshore Developers
    Top 7 Platforms to Hire Offshore Developers
    Comparison Table

    In the contemporary digital landscape, Fortune 500 enterprises progressively take advantage of offshore developers to manage their development requirements. The key reasons for such market growth are superior efficiency, skilled implementation, and cost-effectiveness. This strategic move addresses prevalent skill shortages and taps the leading businesses into expansive global talent reservoirs, bolstering project scalability and adaptability. This detailed blog explores the top platforms that big companies prefer when hiring developers from other countries and explains why so.

    Why Fortune 500 Companies Hire Dedicated Offshore Developers

    Fortune 500 companies turn to offshore developers for three key reasons: cost, access to talent, and flexibility.

    1. Cost-effectiveness: The hiring cost of offshore developers is lower by a fraction compared to local hires without compromising on quality.
    2. Access to Global Talent: Companies get to access a diverse pool of skilled developers worldwide, ensuring they find the right expertise matching their parameter-wide specific project requirements.
    3. Flexibility and Scalability: Offshore development offers the unique flexibility to scale teams up or down, considering the project requirements and business plans, allowing them to adapt swiftly to changing needs.

    Top 7 Platforms to Hire Offshore Developers

    1. Smart Working Overview: Headquartered in London, this brand specialises in offering highly skilled offshore developers at a competitive rate. Its vetting profundity is its USP, as its trained recruitment team pulls out 1% of top candidates after reviewing more than 300 to 500 applications in just a week. Since 2020, Smart Working has been established as a go-to platform for Fortune 500 companies seeking quality and cost-efficiency. Smart Working helps companies hire highly skilled remote software engineers. They use AI to vet 35,000 engineers monthly and match their clients with the best.

    Key Features:

    • 50% Cost Savings: Offers time zone-aligned senior developers as part of the client’s internal teams at approximately $24 per hour, which is 50% less than local hiring costs.
    • UK/European Hours: Developers work in alignment with client time zones, ensuring seamless communication.
    • High Retention Rate: Boasts a remarkable 96% annual retention rate, indicating strong developer satisfaction and stability.
    • Top 1% Talent: Runs assessment for more than 500 profiles per hiring and provides access to top-tier developers vetted for their expertise and experience with UK/US companies.

    Why It’s Popular Among Fortune 500 Companies?

    Smart Working stands out for their committed qualitative work delivery and long-term client partnerships. Handling all legal and administrative tasks, including setting up developers with necessary equipment and infrastructure, makes Smart Working a premium service partner. This brings a hassle-free experience for its clients.

    2. The Scalers

    Overview: Based in Bangalore, India, The Scalers is good at building dedicated offshore software development teams for various businesses. With a reputation for qualitative service delivery, Scalers has become one of the preferred choices for Fortune 500 companies looking to scale their technical workforce.

    Key Features:

    • Dedicated Teams: Provides fully dedicated teams that integrate seamlessly with client operations.
    • Long-Term Partnerships: Emphasises building relationships that extend beyond project completion.
    • Top Indian Talent: Access to a vast pool of skilled Indian developers with European-standard administration and processes.
    Why It’s Popular Among Fortune 500 Companies?

    They appreciate The Scalers’ ability to deliver consistent services and high-quality development teams that work as per the specific project needs. The company’s focus on building healthy business partnerships makes it appealing to continuity and reliability.

    3. N-iX

    Overview: N-iX specialises in custom software development and provides team extension services, catering to Fortune 500 companies across North America, South America, and Europe. They offer scalable solutions tailored to diverse technological needs, and their multiple delivery centres, which contain a robust talent pool, make them more attractive for partnerships.

    Key Features:
    • Custom Software Development: End-to-end solutions from concept to implementation and support.
    • Team Extension: Provides flexible access to a global talent network for augmenting client teams.
    • Technology Consulting: Offers strategic guidance on technological adoptions and implementation.
    Why It’s Popular Among Fortune 500 Companies?

    They value N-iX’s comprehensive service offerings and diverse ability to provide custom solutions across multiple continents. The company’s expertise in cloud, data analytics, and embedded software solutions enhances its appeal.

    4. Your Team in India

    Overview: Your team in India facilitates the setup of offshore development centres and hires dedicated developers for short-term projects. With a flexible hiring model and a focus on delivering quality services, Your Team in India caters to businesses seeking rapid deployment of technical expertise.

    Key Features:
    • Offshore Development Centers: They assist in establishing offshore teams in India for their clients for continuous project support.
    • Flexible Engagement Models: Carry diverse offers for monthly, hourly, or fixed-cost engagements based on project requirements.
    • Elite Indian Developers: Provides access to skilled developers adept at handling short-term development projects.
    Why It’s Popular Among Fortune 500 Companies?

    They choose Your Team in India for its ability to deploy resources and manage short-term projects effectively and swiftly. The company’s focus on cost-effective solutions and rapid scalability resonates well with clients.

    5. Grid Dynamics

    Overview: Grid Dynamics specialises in cloud-native development and agile engineering. Its teams serve Fortune 500 companies across the USA, Mexico, Europe, and India. With a strong emphasis on remote collaboration and productivity, it supports enterprises in achieving digital transformation goals virtually.

    Key Features:
    • Cloud-Native Solutions: Provides expertise in cloud technologies to drive innovation and scalability.
    • Agile Engineering Teams: Delivers flexible and responsive teams capable of adapting to dynamic project requirements.
    • Global Delivery Centers: Ensures 24×7 availability and support from multiple delivery centres operating worldwide.
    Why It’s Popular Among Fortune 500 Companies?

    They appreciate Grid Dynamics for its robust cloud solutions and agile development capabilities. The company’s multi-location delivery centres and commitment to building efficiency make it a preferred partnership choice for digital transformation initiatives.

    6. BairesDev

    Overview: BairesDev is known in the market for building dedicated development teams and providing end-to-end offshore software development services. Headquartered in San Francisco, BairesDev has diversified its clientele across various sectors, offering expertise in complex and niche software solutions.

    Key Features:
    • Dedicated Development Teams: It creates autonomous teams customised for client-specific requirements.
    • Comprehensive Service Offering: Help businesses cover the entire software development lifecycle from ideation to deployment if required.
    • Latin American Talent: Specialises in recruiting the top 1% of Latin American developers for high-quality solutions.
    Why It’s Popular Among Fortune 500 Companies?

    Delivering scalable and innovative software solutions makes BairesDev a preferred choice for reputable brands. The company’s focus on quality and client satisfaction ensures successful project outcomes across diverse industries.

    7. Intellectsoft

    Overview: Intellectsoft provides end-to-end software engineering services, from specialising in product engineering and mobile development to providing long-term support. With a strong presence in Eastern Europe, it supports highly-scaled companies in developing and flexibly managing software solutions for global markets.

    Key Features:
    • Product Engineering: Focuses on comprehensive product development from concept to deployment.
    • Mobile Development: Expertise in creating robust mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.
    • Eastern European Talent: Access to skilled developers from Eastern Europe for technical excellence.
    Why It’s Popular Among Fortune 500 Companies?

    They favour Intellectsoft for its capability to deliver scalable software solutions tailored to specific business needs. The company’s focus on innovation and quality ensures continuous support for digital transformation initiatives.

    Comparison Table

    Parameter Smart Working N-iX Your Team in India (YTII) Grid Dynamics BairesDev Belitsoft Intellectsoft
    Headquarters Location London, UK Malta India USA USA Poland USA
    Offshore Development Teams Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Custom Software Development No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Team Extension Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Technology Consulting Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Hourly Rate for Senior Developers Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies
    Time to Hire (within 7 Days) Yes No Yes No No No No
    High Retention Rate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Notable Clients Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Top 1% Candidates Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe Yes Maybe Maybe
    Comprehensive Vetting Process Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    UK/US Working Experienced Candidates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    European/American Client Experience Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Client Success Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Flexible Contracts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Dedicated Customer Success Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Support and Management Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Tech Specialisation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


    It is crucial for major companies, like those in the Fortune 500, to select correctly the platforms from which they hire offshore developers since they have a brand reputation to maintain. Their apparent objective is to achieve cost-efficiency, access global talent, and ensure project scalability but not at the cost of quality compromisation.

    If you also have a similar aim and want to explore how much an offshore developer hiring can cost, you can use a cost calculator from one of the seven platforms. Each of the seven platforms highlighted in this guide offers unique strengths customised to diverse business needs. However, Smart Working stands out for its unparalleled commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability, and seamless integration into client operations.
    You can consider these platforms carefully to find the ideal partner for your development projects and propel your business forward in today’s competitive landscape.

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