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    Smart Working is one of the highest rated businesses in the world on Glassdoor. We set up the best candidates in the market to work remotely, full-time and fully integrated with fast-growing European businesses. Once someone has started working with our client we stay closely in touch providing them with all the support they need to make sure that their new role is a long term success.


    Senior Front End Developer

    1) Lovely People - They truly care and foster long relationships with their people. They help you out in things that an individual may not be familiar with, for eg: taxation system. 2) Clarity - Everything since the start till the end of the hiring process, on-boarding etc are smooth and lovely. 3) Amazing work-life balance. 4) Their clients are...

    Senior Full Stack Developer

    Exciting remote work opportunity! The support and understanding in this remote setting are unmatched. Work with top-notch international clients and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The management provides excellent support and coordination. Don't miss out on this!

    Senior Full Stack Developer

    Amazing work culture, great learning scope for technical IT profiles. Great work-life balance. You learn things. Colleagues are very helpful.

    Software Engineer

    Great opportunity to work remotely. Opportunity to work with highly skilled international clients. Good work life balance. Excellent support and coordination by the management.

    Senior Software Developer

    Easy onboarding procedure. Excellent assistance from HR and Manager , they are always open to hearing from their staff members. Wonderful colleagues - they make an attempt to inspire their staff. They plan a fun event to provide a respite from our busy routine.

    Software Engineer

    Good exposure with International Clients. Great learning & Flexible timings. Good work life balance. Excellent management with transparency.

    Software Tester

    Perfectly balanced work and load. Good appreciation for work. Great work opportunity, you will meet new people remotely. All Smart working employees are very helpful in nature and really want you to succeed. Providing opportunities to work with clients directly.

    Software Developer

    I have been working at Smart Working Solutions and I am glad to be working with this team. My colleagues and the management are very supportive and understanding not just of my work but as well as my personal wellbeing. We handle things as a team and with professionalism. They know how to appreciate and recognize your work and at...

    Senior Front End Developer

    Best Work Ethics. Most systematic work I have experienced till now. Remote Working gives you work life balance. Fully approachable colleagues for your query or doubt.

    Lead Developer

    1) Complete WFH Opportunity 2) Great Work Culture 3) Double pay on national holidays 4)On time salary

    Senior Web Developer

    An excellent work environment, generous gifts and bonuses, an attractive salary, and a very supportive and caring team. Exceptionally well organized. The hours of work are flexible. There is no boss-employee barrier. Taking the time to recognize and appreciate.

    Senior Developer

    1) Opportunity to work with overseas clients 2) 5 days working 3) On time salary.


    The Hiring Process

    • Step 1

      Initial short interview to assess your communication skills and technical fit for the role

    • Step 2

      Longer interview discussing your past experiences and technical skills in detail

    • Step 3

      Technical test based on the required skills for the role

    • Step 4

      Final round interview to assess if you are a cultural fit for our client

    • Step 5

      Have a video interview with our client’s team, and likely sit their assessment

    • Step 6

      Receive an offer

    Perks of Being a Smart Worker:

    Work life balance

    • #Never work on weekends again - the Smart Working team promotes down time and makes sure everyone spends their weekends relaxing with family and friends

    Work with a European business who are hiring you for a long term role

    • #Become a full time member of their team and work with your European colleagues directly all the time
    • #Opportunity to grow and to progress your career quickly while working with a European business

    Be part of the growing lovely Smart Working family

    • #Take part in weekend games and quizzes
    • #Compete to win our employee of the month competition
    • #Enjoy the Smart Working gifts and merchandise - sent to you when you join the family
    • #Network with like minded, ambitious and friendly colleagues

    Learn and Grow

    • #Learn from highly skilled European colleagues
    • #Learn from your colleagues in the active and useful Smart Working network
    • #Improve your skills, take on new challenges and learn new languages

    Never commute again

    • #This is a permanent work from home job
    • #More time spent with family and friends, not commuting

    Your health

    • #We provide full personal medical insurance

    Fully Compliant

    • #Gratuity
    • #Provident fund
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