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    Web Developer

    • Analyzing and developing the requirements in-terms of DB Design, API and UI perspective
    • Leading print meetings, retrospective discussions & scrum calls
    • Developing assigned modules by using C#, ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server


    3 years experience
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    Snr Web Developer

    • Creating Web Application using Radzen Blazor Framework along with Web APIs.
    • 3 years spent working with a UK agency
    • Created an online insurance company portal using the C#, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


    7 years experience
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    Snr Web Developer

    • Built responsive sites from scratch for UK and US clients
    • Leading team meetings on planning and strategy
    • Worked with US business for 2 years


    8.5 years experience
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    • Deep knowledge of European organizations and their hiring requirements
    • Huge experience setting up remote individuals and teams
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    Tom Hirst, Senior Software Engineer

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    Adam Burrage, Managing Director

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